Artwork at Canton Connections

Over the past several weeks, the students at Canton Connections have been exploring a variety of different mediums including acrylics and pastels, and even created winter scenes in their homemade “snow” of shaving cream and flour!

The winter scenes were extremely popular projects allowing students to use their creativity while also enjoying a sensory experience. Adding penguins, colorful rocks, tress, ponds, and even signs naming their scenes – Penguin Paradise was a popular name.

These pastel “paintings” were amazing scenes right out of a classic New England winter evening with the lovely white birch tree and a colorful evening sky in the background. Each creation is unique and the use of color and shading is amazing from these young students.

Last week, students ventured into the world of acrylic painting to craft these stunning flowers – perfect to help welcome in Spring!

Each week students enjoy new, creative activities just like these – we can’t wait to see what the coming weeks bring in terms of creative energy at Canton Connections!

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